We accelerate the transition to leadership by simultaneously developing commercial and people capability via impactful real life leadership experiences. Real life experiences that develop commercial acumen, people leadership, comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty, innovation, collaboration, influencing, conviction and insight into oneself and others. Worldwide tailored programmes develop leaders of change and growth focused on your business strategy.

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“ Teach them and in time they will forget,
Involve them and they will remember,
Make it real, challenging and meaningful:
And they will achieve lasting development. ”


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Accelerated learning design with clear purpose is my passion.

Accelerating trust in a group

As an L&D professional what’s your favourite method to start building relationships at the beginning of a programme?

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Capturing memories

Horizons is big on capturing memories - it's is an important part of our design strategy to encourage reflection.

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What our alumni say

"The Horizons program has been a highlight of my career. It differs from other leadership programs I have attended as it was completely tailored for the individual and the business I work within and effectively crossed all cultural and language barriers."

"I know how to approach people from different countries in more appropriate ways than I am used to within the day to day work I do"

"The most memorable time was the first week...I don't normally open up that quickly."

"You made us do things I never thought I would be able to do - absolutely out of the comfort zone, out of my regular daily activities - nothing that I have ever done in my life!I have pushed my boundaries and learnt the only thing stopping me is the mind saying no."

"The psychometrics helped me to learn my tendancies and how to positively use them or to counter balance for them to work better in a team environment"

"The effect is deep and profound. In my culture we are not used to giving feedback."

"For me its been really learning about myself... if someone had said at the beginning of the program everything we would be doing - it wouldn't probably have been for me - but having gone through it I'm so pleased - I've come out the other end I think a much better person"

"If possible I want some of my people to attend this very important course - and i think it is very important to come and set aside a time away from the business and stop looking at the internet or email and really focus on the purpose of the business"

"The most important thing to me was about the strategic decision making process that we went through, it was really interesting because I never knew what was the differentiator between the order winner and the qualifier - I always use this whenever I take a decision back home"

"I think definitely I see things in the bigger picture and get out of the bubble of the microworld I've been in - every project I work on now I look at it from the bigger context"

"I think we've unlocked something within myself - I think i can do most things now - i feel like i know myself a lot better - understanding different personalities and that were all part of the same business"

Horizons in numbers

In partnership with our clients we proudly track the success of the Horizons Alumni.





Want to know more?

We enjoy exchanging thinking. Whether you are looking for a development programme for your organisation or are interested in associating with HORIZONS do drop us a line.

Want to know more?

We enjoy exchanging thinking. Whether you are looking for a development programme for your organisation or are interested in associating with HORIZONS do drop us a line.